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Welcome to Jamcast - a multimedia blog dedicated to helping you improve the way you write and perform music.

The blog features a wide variety of tutorials, posts and videos offering expert musical advice. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro musician, we want you to find Jamcast friendly and fun.

Bill Hilton founded Jamcast in April 2009. During the day he’s a freelance copywriter and journalist. He’s also the author of Working for Yourself: a Which? Essential Guide and How To Really Play The Piano. He studied English and Music at the University of Wales, Bangor, taught music in both classroom and one-to-one environments, and has played piano and keyboards in many bands.

Graeme Allen is the founder and MD of Amati Studios - a company that looks after a number of recording studios across the country. A former¬†freelance producer and engineer, accomplished classical musician as well as a guitar god, Graeme was one of the very small number of producers who combined deep technical knowledge with first class musicianship in both popular and classical music. Launched in February 2010, Amati’s home page can be found here.

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David Lammin March 12, 2011 at 7:30 pm

To Bill

Just a small comment. I bought a mac last year and discovered GarageBand from there it led to buying an m-audio 63es keyboard and my present addiction to learning piano.
I spent ages trawling through utube videos, finding exercises and such, how to play fur Elise etc and then I stumbled onto bill Hilton, how to play blues.
I’m crap, still trying to get those hands separated but I’m making progress and that’s mostly due to your vast collection of lessons.
Just now I’m working hard on blues lesson 4 and the blues improv exercise (starts with c-minor thru to g chords while playing blues scale with the right).
My biggest difficulty recently is the blues rhythm, I tend to get stuck it a repetive circle which I’m finding hard to break, though I realise there’s alot going on, 2 hands, bass melody and the answer is practice practice practice.

I just wanted to write to say thanks, genuinely I am blown away by how much you have given of your time to help budding pianists master the art.
I never really listened to much jazz or blues but playing it is a freedom no other form of music I’ve come across provides, so thanks for that too.

A very sincere thanks from one of your virtual students.


P.S. Will be buying your book for me iPad, bloody least I can do mate! ¬£10 for all the lessons you’ve given be, bargain of the century :-D

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